Wadhams Drive for Five Program: Defined Goals, Dependable Transport

Making progress is impossible without a sense of where you’re starting from, and where you want to go. That’s why it’s important for all companies to have a clear sense of their goals, so as to develop effective action plans and concrete measures of progress along the way.

For us, this has meant bringing together decision-makers, including Rick and Steve Wadhams, directors and managers, to discuss our company mission and vision, and to determine company priorities. Out of these discussions, we developed the “Wadhams Drive for Five” program – a list of five key areas on which we want to focus, as the company grows from a family business to a larger family-oriented organization.

Wadhams Drive For Five:

  1. Employer of Choice – focus on retention of drivers.
  2. Carrier of Choice – focus on service.
  3. Fuel Economy – focus on efficiency.
  4. Maintenance Cost Per Mile – focus on fleet reliability & performance.
  5. Safety – focus on injury prevention & overall safety.

Building this list took months of regular discussions with key staff members and analysis of performance data on our vehicles and service. Once the priorities and action plan were drafted, we determined the tracking mechanisms that would best allow us to assess our progress towards these goals, and engaged them. In addition to data analysis, company directors and managers provide monthly reports with their progress and feedback. Based on these results, we are able to refine and adapt our strategies.

The “Drive for Five” program aims to clearly define how each of the five considerations contributes to our company vision, and how we intend to make progress in each area. It was especially important for us to complete three steps in the planning period:

  1. Establish a baseline of our current operations;
  2. Lay out what progress would look like in each area;
  3. Determine how best to analyze and track results as we go.

Item Number 3 means that we have taken on work involving continual revision and re-adjustment, but continued oversight is a key part of what makes the Drive For Five Program so effective.

The exercise of clearly defining our goals, planning out tactics to achievement, and measurements of progress has led to amazing results in the five areas of the “Drive For Five” program. Ultimately, we want to live up to our titles — Carrier of Choice and Employer of Choice– by offering the most reliable and well-priced service to customers, and the safest and most positive work environment to employees.

To learn more about each individual item, please read our upcoming series about how we work towards each of the Drive for Five goals.