Truck Drivers: Your Everyday Unsung Heroes

Each day, millions of Americans get into their cars and drive to the grocery store, to the mall, or to the gas station. Whether you are getting weekly groceries or filling up the car’s gas tank, these goods all have one thing in common – they were delivered by a truck.

Rise in GDP

This year, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to rise. Considering the shortage of jobs in recent years, this is good news for Americans all across the country because it means the economy is growing. For truck drivers, this presents a unique opportunity. There has been a driver shortage in the past, and with the predicted rise in GDP there will be even more trucking jobs to fill. There are almost 30,000 unfilled truck-driving jobs according to the American Trucking Association (ATA).

An increase in the GDP means that freight prices will most likely rise. In order to keep the economy moving – literally – trucking positions will need to be filled. The supply will need to catch up to the demand; thus a rise in trucker’s wages should be expected to economically incentivize the narrowing of this gap.

Growth & Change

Trucking companies such as Wadhams should benefit from the rise in GDP as well. It presents an opportunity for the company to grow with the increased demand for its services.

Drivers are a significant part of the Wadhams family and have always been highly valued. We understand how important they are to the business. Take for example, our ETW drivers must ensure the milk samples they take as part of their hauling duties get delivered efficiently, safely and hygienically to the processing plant so dairy farmers can make a living as well.

Our drivers always deliver their shipments on time and rise to the challenges of life on the road –from battling unfavorable weather conditions to finding alternative routes to avoid road closures and late deliveries. Undoubtedly, our drivers are the backbone of our company. They are well aware that the company and the client depend on them to make deliveries with timeliness and dependability.

This upswing in the GDP could herald a more optimistic change for our unsung heroes in terms of opportunities and wages. As additional customers and freight loads demand the same quality service, drivers will be even more valued for the vital service they provide.

As consumers enjoy the fruits of a revved up economy, they may start to realize who brings those goods to market. With this mounting demand, we need our truckers and we are going to need them more than ever.

Charlie Eaton

Charlie Eaton

There is little in the trucking industry that Charlie Eaton has not experienced first-hand. Starting as a driver in his late teens, Charlie worked his way up to operations manager, dispatcher, terminal manager, and Vice President of Operations for a trucking company he helped build. Today, Charlie is the Director of RIST’s Truckload Operations division, overseeing drivers, dispatchers, and customer representatives. Committed to excellent service and professionalism in all aspects of the process, Charlie strives to develop forward-thinking solutions for customer needs, and provide outstanding quality at every turn.