Hang Up and Drive: Survivor of Cell-phone Induced Traffic Accident Speaks Up about Safe Driving

Driving is the number one cause of work-related injuries and deaths. A driver talking on a cellphone, whether it is handheld or not, is four times more likely to crash than a driver who is focused on the road.

The upsetting news is that at any given time, 13.5 million American drivers are using a cellphone.

Wadhams Team Moved by Safety Symposium Speaker

A few weeks ago in Albany, several of us from Wadhams attended the NTSMTA (New York State Motor Truck Association) Safety Symposium in Albany. The speaker was Jacy Good, a young woman just twenty-three years old. And what an impact her story made on all of us.

“As Jacy told her tragic story, it reminded me how quickly your life can be turned upside down in a fraction of a second. To lose both of your parents and also be seriously injured in a motor vehicles accident is horrible enough; but when another driver causes it, because he was texting, is totally senseless. Hopefully others will learn from this tragic incident.”

Hang Up and Drive – A Story of Courage & Hope for a Safer Future

Jacy Good’s life was changed in one horrific moment on her way home from her graduation – all because one young man couldn’t wait to send a text. Her parents had just told her how proud they were of her, and that they could now die happy. Prophetic words!

The Goods were turning left on a red light when a tractor trailer swerved to miss a young man in his car and hit their car instead. The young man was turning left on a red light and on his cell phone at the same time. Jacy’s parents were killed instantly and Jacy was given a 10% chance of survival.

Jacy made a miraculous recovery, learning to walk again, despite the fact that she is unable to use her left arm or lower leg. Beyond the physical challenges, Jacy has had to face the unfathomable pain of having lost her parents at such a young age.

It was not the way she expected her life to turn out; but nothing can keep this courageous woman down. She and her husband, Steve, run the organization Hang Up and Drive. Their mission is to bring awareness about the dangers of cell phone use while driving; encourage companies to develop and enforce cell phone policies; and incite officials to legislate cell-free roads.

Take Personal Responsibility: Drive Cell-Free

What most drivers don’t know is that last year alone, almost 6,000 people were killed because of cellphone-related accidents. That is about fifteen people a day! Transportation companies and legislators can make all the policies in the world, but in the end each and every driver must take responsibility to drive alert, cell-phone free, and focused on the road.

Don Guay

Don Guay

A 23-year veteran of the New York State Troopers, Don Guay spent six years with the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit doing roadside inspections. Today, he uses his experience and training to ensure RIST drivers and equipment adhere to the highest standards. As safety manager, Don is responsible for overseeing inspection reports, safety department checks, investigations, and training. He jokes that he left the “dark side” and came to the good side, representing and protecting RIST drivers, our customers and their freight, and the general motoring public. Safety is more than a checklist; it is our top priority.