From Nuts And Bolts To Keyboards: The Modern Mechanic

If you think a mechanic is a person using simply a traditional toolbox, think again.

The last decade in this industry has transformed our way of doing business and our workforce. Today’s mechanics work on the cutting edge of technology – it’s a job that requires commitment and enthusiasm for learning.

In spite of this, stereotypes about mechanics persist. In previous decades, apprentice mechanics started their training with the expectation that older, more experienced mentors would show them the ropes. That’s all changed. Over the last decade in particular, we’ve seen remarkable developments integrating computer technology with our vehicles.

Today, new graduates have critical expertise to apply in our terminals, using innovative technologies and diagnostic tools that modern vehicles require. You need that kind of expertise in your business if you want to stay on top of new technology and regulatory guidelines.

The changing trends have attracted different types of personalities to our industry. There’s a notable generational difference between the younger generation and the older, but ample communication and interest to close the gaps. Bright students see that working as a mechanic is an exciting job in an evolving field. It’s an area of study that tends to appeal equally to those interested in cars, computers, and technology.

Mechanics have opportunities to specialize in different types of work, but it’s critical that they take a proactive approach to their career development and build a versatile range of skills. Training and development is so important to us that we make a point of sending at least one team member for training updates from each of our five maintenance facilities every year. Fortunately, many of our dealers also make training a priority and they provide additional opportunities for our team to learn more.

Investing in employee development is a smart move for any business. Today’s mechanics need to be just as technologically advanced as any desk-bound IT specialist. That’s why it’s critical that we keep our in-house experts informed and trained on the latest transportation industry developments.

We want to make sure that our mechanics have the right skills to support each maintenance facility. If we can’t service the parts we use, we have to pay an outsider to do it – and it’s money out of our pocket. We’re better off investing in our employee’s continuing education. That way, we can count on our own team to keep us moving in the right direction.

Rick Wadhams

Rick Wadhams

As co-owner of Wadhams Enterprises, Rick has spent his life and career in the freight business, with experience in everything from maintenance to driving to management. Rick takes particular responsibility in overseeing the petroleum and milk divisions of Wadhams. His committment to seamless process, teamwork, integrity and support, coupled with the fabulous family atmosphere at Wadhams has helped grow Wadhams' reputation as the "Carrier of Choice, Employer of Choice."