A Leading Bulk Petroleum Carrier – By The Numbers

Wadhams Enterprise’s original milk hauling business operated seven days a week when it opened in 1949. Owner Red Wadhams, and, later, the drivers employed by him, visited area dairy farms every day, without fail. A business operates seven days a week because you can’t turn off a cow.

While the divisions of this family-owned company are unique, ARG’s business philosophy is based on that same principle. We’re hauling a very different product, but we must maintain the ability to flex and ensure customer needs are met – every day.

ARG has the capacity and reach to make sure that customers have the product they need when they need it. Some of our stats:

  • 103 tractors and 145 trailers. Fuel trailers, unlike many other freight trailers, are not interchangeable. We have trailers equipped to haul gasoline, liquid asphalt, and other products safely. All of our equipment is late-model, ensuring we have a safe, reliable, efficient, and good-looking fleet out on the road.

  • 107,000 pounds. Our trucks are designed to haul up to 107,000 pounds total weight per shipment. New York State allows overload permits, and the more product we can get on a load, the cheaper per gallon it is for the customer.

  • 65mph. Max! These are trucks carrying flammable liquid, not stock cars. We’re more concerned with how fast we can go from 65 to 0 than 0 to 65. Our trucks are governed to travel at a maximum of 65 miles per hour.

  • 3 axels. This provides better braking and stability than 2 axels.

  • 8 million. Our trucks travel over 8 million miles per year, completing about 60,000 shipments.

  • 7 states and 2 provinces. We deliver throughout upstate New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Ontario, and Quebec, Canada.

  • 165 drivers. Each is duly trained and licensed. Our drivers are required to have Hazmat certification and a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential), and ARG’s training program is among the most rigorous in the industry. Drivers ride and work with a trainer for 8-10 weeks before they can go out and haul a load of their own. In addition, we make sure to cross-train them. When they can work with a variety of materials, we can operate that much more efficiently.

Our clients’ businesses depend on timely, reliable, efficient fuel delivery. Our business depends on transporting their product in a professional manner and ensuring they get the best service every day. Like our customers, we’re much more than numbers: it’s the people behind the numbers, and behind the wheel, that make ARG the carrier of choice for businesses throughout our service area.

Bob Carr

Bob Carr

Bob Carr has a long history with the Wadhams family and Wadhams Enterprises. He currently works as Director of Sales for ARG Trucking Corp, as well as for the milk hauling division, ETW.